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Bunny rabbits are adorable. It’s not uncommon for kids to want one for a pet when they see them looking all adorable in a pet store. But trust me, as cute as they are, you do not want one living in your house. Here’s why:

1) Bunnies poop a lot of soft little poop pellets that come out at random and end up everywhere.

2) Bunnies have sharp little teeth which never stop growing. They have a need to chew on things all the time to keep their little teeth razor sharp. They’ll chew on anything they can get their mouth around.

3) Rabbits reproduce like crazy. Female rabbits are fertile nine months out of the year. It only takes 30 days from conception for a litter to be born and litter sizes range from 4 to 12 baby bunnies.

So, if you’re in a pet store, move away from the bunny cages and check out the kittens, who are also very cute.

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