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Butterflies Coloring Page by Michelle Roppolo

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Butterfly Coloring Page by Michelle Roppolo

Butterflies come in all sorts of colors and sizes. Even their wings differ in shape among species. There are about 24,000 different species of butterfly. Butterflies live all over the world. You can find butterfly on all the continents except Antarctica.

Did you know butterflies migrate to warm climates in the fall just like birds do? Some butterflies fly almost 2000 miles to avoid the cold of winter. Then, in the spring, they fly back home to lay eggs.

Butterflies seem to flit through the air. They look pretty slow sometimes, but did you know the fastest butterflies can fly 12 miles per hour? That’s faster than most humans can run.

Enjoy coloring these butterflies.

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2 Responses

  1. christa says:

    Love this site Sheila! Just sent it to my sister! Way to go!

    • sheila says:

      Thanks, Christa! 🙂 I hope the kids like the pages. 🙂 If there are any things they’d like to color but that I don’t have a page for yet let me know. I’m taking suggestions for the artists. 🙂

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