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Fish Coloring Page by Michelle Roppolo

Most fish are colorful and beautiful. The fish in this coloring page are very plain right now. And that’s a shame because they are very nicely drawn. I truly hope you will print them out and color them.

If you’ve ever had the chance to watch different kinds of fish swimming together in a big tank, you might notice how different fish can be. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some have eyes on top of their heads. Some look frilly. Some are long and narrow. Some are flat. Some are round. Some are very big. And they come in all the different colors of the rainbow.

Here is a fun fact about fish:

-Fish can only breathe in water

Yes, that’s right. If you take a fish out of water it will not be able to breathe. This is exactly the opposite of land animals, which can only breathe air.

Not all fish have noses. And fishes that do have noses do not have nostrils on their noses. Instead, fish have special slits on the side of their head called gills. Gills take oxygen from the water and it is these gills that enable the fish to breathe.

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