French Bulldog Coloring Page

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French Bulldog Coloring Page

French Bulldogs are very cute little dogs with big round eyes and pointy ears that look like Boston Terriers.

Most Boston Terriers are black and white, but they come in lots of different colors. They can be red and white, gray and white, brown and white, cream and white, tan and white, or albino (all white with red eyes). Most of the time, Boston Terriers have color around their ears and eyes with a white stripe going down their forehead. Some, however, have different patterns such as just a spot of color on their sides.

Boston Terrier dogs are known for being gentle and affectionate. They were originally bred to be fighting dogs. They are smart, sturdy little dogs who live thirteen to fifteen years old. Their small size and easy nature make them ideal apartment dwellers and great companions for older people and small children.

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