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Monkey Coloring Page by Michelle Roppolo

Monkeys are very interesting creatures. They share a lot of the same characteristics humans have. Due to their genetic similarities, monkeys, apes and humans are all ordered in the primate family.

What do people have in common with monkeys?
– People and monkeys are both highly intelligent. The smartest monkeys and the smartest people have IQs of 174. Monkeys and humans are smarter than most other animals because we have larger brains in relation to our body size than other animals do.
– People and monkeys both have highly developed eyes. We can see better than a lot of other creatures can. Our eyes have lenses that focus light extremely well, can see a broad range of colors and our eyes are just far enough apart and close enough together to give us depth perception.
– People and monkeys both have opposable thumbs, which means we can use our hands to grab and hold things. This ability enables us to make tools. Most other kinds of animals do not have opposable thumbs and cannot make tools.
– People and monkeys have some unique skeletal features in common which other animals don’t have. Our shoulder joints rotate in all directions. We have big toes. We have three different kinds of teeth in our mouths. We have eye sockets made of bone in our head.

How are people different from monkeys?
– People have developed language. We can talk with each other. Monkeys cannot.
– Most monkeys live in trees. People do not.
– People have shorter arms in proportion to their torso length than most monkeys and apes do.
– Monkeys have tails. People do not.
– Monkeys are covered with thick, furry hair. Humans are also covered in hair, but human body hair is very thin compared to the hair monkeys have.

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