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Love U Mom Coloring Page by Angel Sumi

Moms are the best. They have the hardest job in the whole world. Just think about all the things your Mom has done for you. She fed you when you were too small to feed yourself. She bathed you. She changed your diapers. She enrolled you in school and swimming lessons and took you on your paper route or to Brownie meetings or what ever club you were into. She forced you to take naps when you didn’t want to. She made you eat broccoli so you would grow up big and strong. She helped you with art projects. She taught you how to read. She made sure you got to places you needed to be. She made sure you had food and clothes and things. She sacrificed her time. She was patient and understanding even when you made it hard for her. She loved you no matter what you did and if you’re lucky enough to have her she loves you still.

Moms are the best. They really do have the hardest job in the whole world. And none of us would be here without them.

Thanks, Mom!

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4 Responses

  1. Meenadevi says:

    Hi Angel,
    Your picture is very nice…..Bye

  2. jack says:

    looking good!

    i want to hug my mum now. i feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel gooooooooooooood

  3. karthik says:

    the first god of the world MOTHER. i love my mum

  4. Angel says:

    Thanks for all your comments! I am glad that you liked my picture.

    -Angel. P ♥

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