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This young man is a ninja in training. As such, he is obligated to practice martial arts and swordsmanship six hours a day. He has been in ninja training since he was six years old. At this point in time, he is a master swordsman. He can also throw metal ninja stars. He is pictured here in his training clothes. Feel free to color him in ninja garb if you like.

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2 Responses

  1. PARTHI says:

    very good nice pic. i like it also my friends.

    parthi. M

    • sheila says:

      Thank you, Parthi! I’ll let Angel know you like it. I will be uploading more coloring pages by Angel Sumi soon. Her work is very nice. My favorite piece of hers so far is the Surviving Hero Coloring Page, but I think that’s just because I really like watching anime. 🙂 -Sheila

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