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Number 2 Coloring Page by Michelle Roppolo

The number 2 is the smallest prime number and it is extremely important. All even numbers can be divided by 2. Think about it. If two did not exist, there wouldn’t be any even numbers.

Not only is the number 2 the smallest prime number, it is also the only even prime number. Pretty cool, huh?

Two is used so much in life that we have lots of words to describe things that come in twos. Two of something goes by “pair”, “duo”, “couple”, “twin”, and “double” are just a few of the most common. There are two pieces of candy on this coloring page. Here are some examples of how to use the other words to say “two” to make this sentence.

  • There are a pair of candies on this page.
  • There is a candy duo on this coloring page.
  • There are a couple pieces of candy on this coloring page.
  • There are twin candies on this page.
  • The prefix “bi” also means two. For example if something is bimodal, it has two modes. Most of the bi- words are complicated words for little kids. At this point just remember if you see a word that starts with “bi” the word is talking about two of something.

    Use a couple different colors to color this page. Do you know how many a couple is? Two!

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