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Big Rig Coloring Page by Michelle Roppolo

This page features a big rig truck, also known as a semi truck. Semi trucks and big rigs hook up to cargo containers which can be filled with all sorts of merchandise. They haul goods all over the country.

When you see a big rig traveling down a highway with a cargo container, you can’t tell what’s inside. Semi trucks move raw materials to manufacturers, they move manufactured goods to distribution centers, and they move things from distribution centers to individual stores. Big rig trucks and semi trucks also move food and livestock. Some cargo containers are refrigerated to carry meat and other perishable items.

The semi truck pictured here is not carrying a load. This is what semi trucks look like when they aren’t hooked up to a cargo container. It might look funny without a long cargo container behind it, but big rigs can drive just fine like this.

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