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Dragon Coloring Picture

Dragon Coloring Page by Michelle Roppolo

Stories and legends involving dragons appear in eastern and western cultures. European dragon stories are as much as 4000 years old. The earliest known images of dragons in Asia are 6000 years old.

The fact that these creatures are part of ancient lore across cultures makes me wonder if they existed. Some anthropologists have speculated that the stories of dragons came about when people discovered dinosaur bones.

There are also some differences between Asian dragons and European dragons.

Asian dragons symbolize fertility and good luck. They possess magical powers and are highly respected. They often look like long, scaled serpents. They may or may not have a pair of small bat-like wings but do not fly. They have small front and back legs. They do not stand on their back legs but walk on all four legs.

European dragons are usually dark and horrible fire breathing creatures who battle with and are slain by great heros. They have large bat-like wings and often fly. They have large back legs which they can stand upright upon, and smaller arms.

The dragon pictured in this coloring page is a western-style or European dragon.

I hope you enjoy coloring him.

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