Alien in Spaceship Coloring Page

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Alien Driving UFO Coloring Page

Alien in Spaceship Coloring Page by Michelle Tribble

Spaceships, otherwise known as UFOs, have a great many theories behind their supposed existence. Let’s face it, UFOs might not exist, but supposing they do exist, there are multiple theories behind where they come from and what they are.

There are people who believe in Alien life and believe planet Earth is being visited by Aliens who fly to Earth in space ships. These people would say that UFO sightings are like the coloring page you see here – manned aircraft from outer space driven by aliens. However, despite the many reports of UFO sightings, no one has ever seen a UFO in outer space, and scientists have no evidence of space craft entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Other theories are:

-UFOs are craft developed by the military – maybe in Russia.
-UFOs are craft made by humans from the future who travel through time.
-UFOs are from other dimensions.
-UFOs are crafts created by lost human civilizations, such as the people of Atlantis.

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