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free printable coloring page of daisy flower heads

Daisies Coloring Page by Sheila Fisher

I like daisies. I like them for their simplicity. Daisies aren’t fancy flowers. They’re not all ruffled like carnations or swirled in on themselves like roses, but they are lovely just the same.

Some fun facts about daisies:

-Daisies are edible. People use their leaves and petals in salads and their petals in herbal teas.

-Daisies grow all over the world, and can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

-Daisies can survive in all sorts of temperature, soil and lighting conditions, which helps to explain how they manage to grow all over the world.

-If not controlled, some daisies can become serious weeds because they thrive in generally inhospitable conditions are are resistant to most bugs and pesticides.

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